Glenn Beck reads John's letter about bringing back civility


During the heated 2016 presidential campaign, John wrote an open letter encouraging all citizens to elevate our political discourse. Glenn Beck read the letter in its entirety on his radio program. Glenn said: 

I’m on a journey, trying to be a better man, trying to be a better citizen, trying to be a better father, trying to be a better American, trying to be somebody who actually will listen, will have more compassion and will try to work with anyone who sees that the freedom of all men must not be violated. Can we get there? Yes, we can, if we all choose to be like the mayor of Provo,” Glenn said.

The mayor’s letter wasn’t divisive or angry. He made it about him and the people who live in his town.

We asked our politicians to behave honorably and with integrity, but they failed. We can’t change them, but we change ourselves and let that light spread through our families and friends. That’s what can and always has made America great."

You can listen to the segment and read John's letter here.

Team Curtis