Volunteers come up big with signatures

Today we celebrated the democratic process as we turned in signatures from people in the 3rd Congressional District who want to be able to vote for John Curtis in the Republican primary election on August 15. We only had about two weeks to collect the required 7,000 signatures — and ended up with 15,525. That's incredible. 

After a breakfast in Provo to thank the volunteers, the signatures were delivered to the office of Lieutenant Governor Spencer J. Cox in the State Capitol. Here are some of the remarks from John after making the delivery:

I’m here today to give you over 7,000 signatures collected by volunteers — people who put their lives on hold to support me and show their collective encouragement. They spent nights, weekends, and free time away from family. They visited rodeos in Spanish Fork, parades in Springville and Orem, farmer’s markets in Provo, festivals, family reunions, and busy street corners.
Every professional I spoke with two and a half weeks ago said it couldn’t be done. They said we would need to get hundreds of people willing to gather signatures and it would cost us too much. I’m here today to share with you — we not only did it but we have 7k signatures gathered by people like me and you — unpaid and uncompensated.

"That's a pretty big feat," said Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas, speaking to the Salt Lake Tribune about Team Curtis collecting more than double the required amount of signatures. 

John will also participate in the Republican Convention, which takes place Saturday. 

"I think it's important too that I do well there," Curtis told the Daily Herald. "The delegates are a very important part of this process. I've been meeting with them, I've communicated with them, and I plan to go and ask for their vote as well." 

"For the last two weeks, I've heard two things that couldn't be done," Curtis told volunteers who gathered to celebrate Monday morning. "One is, you can't get this many signatures in this amount of time, and the other is you can't make any difference in Washington. So I'm here to tell you, this is proof we can." 

Team Curtis