Humble Brag from Team Curtis

Hey Utah, it’s Team Curtis here.

Over the last few weeks of working for John on the campaign trail we’ve come to know what everyone says about him is true: he’s a humble, unassuming guy. That is to say, he’s conservative about more than just politics, he’s also pretty conservative when it comes to tooting his own horn. So we’ve learned that sometimes when it comes to boasting about the man, we’re going to have to step up and do it ourselves. Every year America’s Freedom Festival at Provo recognizes an exceptional individual who has made a significant contribution to the community. Throughout the festival - including the hallmark parade - the honoree serves as the distinguished Grand Marshal. This year the Freedom Festival committee has guessed it...our boss, John Curtis.

We love what the committee members had to say about why they chose John. Here are some of our favorite excerpts:

“We...recognize Provo Mayor John Curtis as an essential force behind much of the positive change that has occurred over the course of his two terms. His leadership and commitment to the city catalyzed major changes, including attracting Google Fiber to Utah, revamping Provo’s city center, and preserving Rock Canyon for generations to come — Mayor Curtis’ proudest accomplishment.”

“He understands the need to make Provo a vibrant, exciting, business, and community-friendly place in the present. But he’s also looking out for future generations, those who will truly appreciate the restored historic buildings downtown, the revamped airport, and the scenic undisturbed beauty of our natural resources.”

And while we’re at it...we also agreed with this related article from the Daily Herald:

“Provo’s landscape has changed dramatically in the eight years since Curtis took office. When he first arrived, he was faced with a bottomed-out economy, police scandals, city fires and issues with the city’s iProvo fiber network.

Now, the city is enjoying the greatest economic development in its history. The downtown area, which once seemed more like a ghost town as business scraped for customers, is flourishing. The arts have grown within the city, supported by galleries, art walks, and rooftop concerts, and key players in the community have been identified to help keep them growing.”

“It’s an opportunity to say thanks to John,” said Paul Warner, executive director of America’s Freedom Festival. “He’s popular, he’s well-known, and he’s contributed so much to Provo. The people have appreciated his good work and action that has made so many good things happen in this city.

And last of all:

“Curtis receiving this honor is also, by extension, a way for the festival to recognize the team that the mayor has behind him, and the many other citizens who work and volunteer to help move the city forward. While Curtis has been the face of many of these changes and improvements, he’s the first to recognize the tremendous efforts made by the people who work to make those changes happen.

Well, now we’re blushing. See what we mean? Always giving credit to others. That’s John Curtis — Republican Candidate for Congress, Freedom Festival Grand Marshal, and all around Awesome Guy.

Congrats Boss!

Team Curtis

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Team Curtis