My Pledge to America

For the last eight years, it’s been my honor to serve as the mayor for the third-largest city in Utah. During this period, Provo has gained national prominence. We’ve been named the best city in America in more categories than we can easily track. A few of my favorites are Most Entrepreneurial, Fastest Job Growth, and Best Well-Being.

Some have called this transformation the Provo Miracle. I can see why they feel that way. But those of us who have seen Provo’s rise firsthand know that it hasn’t actually been a miracle. It’s what happens when you consistently apply conservative principles: do more with less, work hard, and engage constituents in every solution.

However, if we don’t take what works here to Washington it will continue to be broken and bottlenecked. I’m running for Congress because it’s time we start getting things done.

D.C. needs the values, work ethic, and commitment to the constitution we have in Utah. We must send a proven conservative leader to make Washington work like Utah—not the other way around. 

Here is what I pledge to the voters in the 3rd Congressional District: I’m ready to do the hard things that are required to fix our country.

As a business owner, many self-proclaimed experts told my partners and me that we couldn’t grow without taking on a ton of debt. They said our gun-range offerings would never become the industry standard. I’m here to tell you, they got it wrong. Our company became world-class and we did it without excessive debt. We hired hundreds of employees, grew to tens of millions in annual revenue, and today, law enforcement officers and soldiers around the world are safer because we helped train them.

After decades in business, I entered public service eight years ago. As a new mayor, we faced a major budget crisis. The political insiders said we couldn’t solve the 5.5 million dollar gap between revenue and expenses without raising taxes. They were wrong. Not only did we make it happen, we increased employee morale and found ways to deliver better service to our residents.

Today, all of us know that the current level of federal spending is unsustainable. Cynics have told me that it will never be reigned in. I disagree and refuse to accept that. We can absolutely stop this runaway spending. And I have the experience to do it. Because I know this: when innovation and a conservative approach come together, taxpayers win.

 People often tell me that they don’t feel connected to Washington. They want to have a voice and know that it’s heard. I know how to use tools and technology to listen to you and engage with you. 

As a new mayor I often heard social media was a waste of time for government. So you can imagine why I smiled when I was named the top elected official on social media in the entire country in 2015. And, I’ve been told that town hall meetings are a bad idea. Here’s my promise to you—I won’t ever run from town halls. I’ll reinvent them.

Since I announced my candidacy for Congress, I’ve heard a theme. Many people don’t believe we can make any progress in Washington. They say that the budget won’t be reduced. Taxes won’t be reformed. Corruption won’t slow down. A single Congressman from Utah won’t be able to make a difference.

But my entire life has been spent doing things others said couldn’t be done. Our children and grandchildren deserve to live in a better America. It’s our responsibility to protect their tomorrow. As your representative, I’ll do my part to make that happen.

This dedication to our loved ones reminds me of the saying, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

Our goals for our country are within reach if we have the courage to pursue them. Healthy cities make successful states, and successful states make up a great America. I pledge my work ethic, common sense, personal accessibility and fiscal conservatism to you, this district, and this beautiful country.

Happy Independence Day and God bless America.

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John Curtis