We're fighting back against the false attacks

Our opponents and their out-of-state Super PACs have now dumped more than three-quarters of a million dollars into the Republican 3rd District primary. Nearly all of that money has been spent with one purpose: to distort John's amazing record through false attacks. Badly photoshopped fliers and misleading radio ads are showing up in Utah in droves. It makes a person wonder, what do these out-of-state special interests want to get for all the money they're spending to spread lies in Utah?

We're fighting back against these bogus claims as quickly as they come up. John's running a Utah-funded, Utah-endorsed, Utah-principled campaign. He's proud of his track record as a proven conservative leader, and he's ready to get things done for you in Congress. 

Learn the facts, vote for John, and show these D.C. Super PACs that they don't know what's best for Utah.


False claim #1: John is a liberal spending tax-raiser.


The Truth:

Property Tax (only tax controlled by the city) is 15% lower today than it was 8 years ago when John took office.

When John took office as Mayor in 2010 Provo and the Country were facing the worst economy in our lifetime. John was facing a $5.5 million deficit and was told that it could only be solved by raising taxes. John refused to believe that and cut the city budget by 8%. (1)

The only tax that a city is allowed to raise or lower is the property tax. Property tax today is 15% LESS than it was when John took office.

Some people have taken issue with the RAP sales tax in Provo. Only the State or a citizens' referendum is able to change the sales tax. Provo citizens decided to hold a referendum and the RAP tax passed with 74% of the vote. (2) 

Many people have also attacked John for raising taxes to pay for BRT. It is important to remember that the tax for BRT was voted on by the State Legislature and the project was approved before John was mayor.

Today 84% of Provo citizens say they get a good to great value for their tax dollar.


False claim #2: John is a such a “liberal spender” that he increased the city budget by 40%


The Truth:

Provo City has experienced its greatest economic development in history and the city budget grew at a  slower rate than the growth of the city.


When John took office as mayor in 2010 Provo was facing the worst economy in its history. Today, it is experiencing the greatest period of economic development in its history! By focusing on economic development John has helped Provo bring new businesses into downtown, brought service to the airport, installed Google Fiber, and earned the title of the most entrepreneurial city in America. Under John’s leadership Provo has seen over $1.5 billion of private dollars invested in Provo’s private sector. (3)

A city, like a company, will see its budget expand as it grows. The growth of the budget is slower than the rate of growth of the city. (4) Provo was recently rated as the second best-run city in the nation. (5)


False Claim #3: John is “greedy” and gave himself a $20,000 raise as mayor


The Truth:

John paid himself $20,000 less than the previous mayor

As a new mayor, John was faced with a 5.5 million dollar budget shortfall. His first mayoral decision was to reduce his salary compared to the previous mayor. To further save money he and his wife paid for the furniture in his office and he found a scout who replaced the carpet at no cost as part of his Eagle Scout project. After four years of the lower salary the City Council organized a citizens’ committee to review the salary. It was their recommendation to reinstate it to approximately the amount of the previous mayor. (6)


False Claim #4: John is “a secret Democrat” and his record is one that liberal Nancy Pelosi would be proud of


The Truth:

Conspiracies don’t look good on anyone. John is a Republican.

John is a Republican.

Like Ronald Reagan, Congressman Chaffetz, and President Trump, almost 20 years ago John ran as a Democrat. He came back from the dark side with a vengeance and hasn’t looked back. In the last twenty years he built a firearms safety business that employs hundreds and as the conservative Mayor of Provo he cut budgets, reduced government, and worked to lower property taxes. Does that sound like something Nancy Pelosi would do?

Based off of John's conservative record, his neighbors voted him to be a Republican State Delegate, and he was a Mitt Romney Campaign Trustee. As a proud and active member of the Republican party for many years, John has earned the endorsement of dozens of key Republican leaders across the state including Governor Gary Herbert.


False Claim #5: Democrats are financing John’s campaign


The Truth:

Tim Bridgewater, Scott Anderson, John Pestana, Wilford Clyde, Val Hale, Lew Cramer, and hundreds of Utah Conservatives and Republicans are funding John’s campaign.

John is proud to have more Utahns donating to his campaign than both of his opponents combined. Over 85% of our donations have come from Utah. Over 75% of Herrod’s and 65% of Ainge’s donations came from OUTSIDE of Utah. (7) And while we haven’t officially asked Lew Cramer, Chair of the Elephant Club, for his party affiliation we are pretty sure he would be offended if we called him a Democrat. (8)

Tanner Ainge and Chris Herrod are receiving most of their support from out of state people meddling in Utah’s elections and special interest Super PACs. Let's tell Tanner and Chris and their super PACs: #dontDCmyUtah.

But more important than big name donors are the hundreds of individual Utahns, Like Betty L., that have donated to our campaign. We recently received a $25 check from Betty with this note: “I hate your opponent's negative comments. You have been a terrific mayor, and you can negotiate to bring out the best in people.”

We have been humbled by all of the donations that we have received like this one from Betty L. Our campaign is funded by people like Betty who believe that John Curtis brings out the best in Utahns.



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Put these false attacks to good use

It's disappointing that these false attacks from out of state are bringing gutter politics to Utah. But as per usual, John has come through with creative ideas for how we can make the best of the situation.