Jon Anderson

I am a state delegate and was privileged to vote for John at the convention. This is my explanation to another delegate as to why: We try to get to know candidates as best we can so we can vote intelligently and responsibly. When you find someone who really knows a candidate, you are miles ahead. I have known John for over 40 years and know him to be honest, smart, hard working and conservative. He is a problem-solver and has shown it by solving such issues as land management in Utah. He is also careful with our money, favoring a balanced budget but he favors spending it in the right ways – closing the border and strengthening our military. My wife and I have often said, common sense today seems to be a super power. John has that super power. He is a rare candidate with real integrity. Take it from someone who has known him well for a long time. I endorse him whole-heartedly.