October 05, 2017

We need to come together to create bipartisan solutions to reform the immigration system. The problem is, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to use immigration to improve their own chances at the polls. Instead, we need to ask: what is best for the United States? Invariably, the answer is that we should make immigration easier for people who will be self-sufficient, help build our economy, and become loyal, productive Americans. Our policies should reflect a spirit of inclusion.

The American public is concerned with a political, unfair, and inconsistent immigration system. We need to simplify the process for immigrants.

I believe we must do four things to guide our efforts:

First, immigrants are an important part of our society and economy. We should create bipartisan solutions to streamline the process for people to come to this country and contribute.

Second, we need to secure our borders.  Reforming the immigration process is useless if we do not have a secure border. We need to encourage people to go through the legal process of immigration so that they can take full part in U.S. citizenship. I would like to see swift, strategic and innovative options to secure the border and ensure immigration laws are followed. I will support the best ideas that make us the safest.

Third, we need to be tough on those that commit multiple or serious crimes.  I think we can all agree that there is no place in our home for those who cause serious harm to others 

Fourth, we need to give people a chance to get right with the law. I call this restitution. It’s a common term in our culture. It’s an important principle that says that every wrong needs to be made right, and the cost to make it right equals the cost of the wrong that was committed. We must always uphold the rule of law and be fair to those who follow it.  To be clear, this is not, nor do I believe in, amnesty. I believe the principle of restitution is consistent with Utah’s values.

It's imperative we figure out how to discuss this subject with diverse opinions, without compromising our principles, in order to achieve a lasting and permanent solution to our broken immigration system.