Jobs & Economy

September 27, 2017

As a longtime businessman, I know that governments don’t grow the economy, entrepreneurs do. And entrepreneurs create more jobs when they are operating in a business-friendly environment. Our current corporate tax rate is too high and we are losing businesses to other countries with lower rates. Nothing will provide more economic relief and opportunity for people of all backgrounds than tax relief and regulatory reform for both individuals and businesses.

In Provo, I have found that when government gets out of the way it is amazing to see what incredible ideas come. Our approach in Provo has been to encourage, facilitate relationships, and be a transparent resource when needed for our local business community. As a result we have seen $1.5 billion in new construction and development in our Downtown. Old buildings are taking on a new life. Companies like Google Fiber look to Provo because we have created an environment where they know they can be successful. Washington D.C. would do well to take a lesson from Provo. There is an energy and optimism in our community.