Public Lands

October 09, 2017

I am committed to working with our federal delegation to overhaul the current broken and politicized process. I will work to find a path to provide access and protection to our natural beauty with transparency and involvement from key stakeholders and local leaders. The status quo is not working and we need to find pragmatic ways to find balance.

Utahns are fortunate to live in a beautiful state. Those who live in rural Utah have a deep connection to the land. It is both their history and the future that they hope to leave to their children and grandchildren. We need to protect the land while also providing access for grazing, recreation, hunting, energy development, and other uses.

Those best suited to manage the land are the ones closest to it, and we need to ensure that we always have local involvement in decision making. It is necessary that key stakeholders and local leaders work together to find answers that are in harmony with historical uses of the land and preservation of natural and cultural treasures.