Washington Dysfunction

October 05, 2017

The most pressing problem in Washington is corruption. There, I've just said it. The problem is, our federal government is in control of trillions of dollars, and companies all around the world line up to lobby Congress for laws and regulations that will help them get some of that money. Our regulations are intended to control and limit abuses in the market. But more often than not, they facilitate such abuses.

Unfortunately, lobbyists write the laws and Congress passes them. The businesses wealthy enough to afford the lobbyists end up getting the cash. And we, the citizens, pay the bill.

This system needs to be reformed. And that reform will not happen until we are ready to do the following:

  • Truly reform the tax system. We need to stop trying to pass laws that make it so one demographic doesn't pay taxes and the other one does. It’s creating winners and losers. Everyone needs to pay a fair and equal share of their own productivity toward the benefits they receive as citizens of the country.
  • Limit the spending power of the federal government. We need a constitutional amendment to force the government to spend no more than it is able to raise in taxes. We need to bring down costs methodically, point-by-point. It is immoral for us to borrow from our children, and sometimes even our unborn grandchildren so we can recklessly spend on anything that strikes our political fancy. That bill is going to come due, and unless we get it under control, the ultimate result will be disastrous.
  • Place term limits on the U.S. Congress. The Founding Fathers never envisioned congress becoming a career. Over the years, the political parties have gerrymandered most districts in order to create a virtual lock on their political power. According to some statistics, only about 9% of congressional districts across the country are effectively contested. Members of Congress stay too long, get too entrenched in power, and are influenced too easily by rich and powerful special interests.