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Meet John

Early Life

1977 - After getting his first taste of politics by helping his mother run for president of the Granite School Board, John Curtis is elected Student Body President of Skyline High School in Salt Lake City.

1978 - While in first period class, John meets Sue Snarr. He quickly asks her to prom, leading to their engagement four years later.

1980 - John Curtis receives his call to serve a two year LDS mission in Taiwan.

Business Career

1986 - John is named Salesman of the Year for the Citizen Watch Company, graduates from Brigham Young University, and welcomes his first child. The Curtis family begins to spend some time outside of Utah, moving between Virginia and California as John works for Citizen Watch and O.C. Tanner.

1998 - The Curtis’ welcome their sixth child to the family.

2000 - Catching the entrepreneurial bug, John joins several partners to build Action Target, a gun range manufacturing company. In order to grow the business, the Curtis’ move back to Utah and settle down in Provo. The business now does tens of millions of dollars in revenue and has hundreds of employees here in Utah.

Provo Mayor

2009 - Successfully running against a former state legislator, John Curtis is elected to his first term as mayor of Provo.

2010 - John celebrates his 50th birthday by debunking the myth that Provo is boring. He continues to further this cause by working to improve Provo’s economic development and downtown vibrancy.

2014 - In a highly anticipated move, Google Fiber comes to Provo.

January 2017 - In recognition of his years as Provo mayor, innovative solutions to the city’s problems, and years averaging a 94% approval rating, Utah Valley Magazine names John Curtis Person of the Year. These accomplishments include:

  • #2 Best Run City (WalletHub, 2017)
  • #2 Best-Performing City (Milken Institute, 2016)
  • #1 Most Entrepreneurial In America (Smart Asset, 2016)
  • #1 Lowest Unemployment Rate (CNBC, 2016)
  • #1 For Career Opportunities (Smart Assets, 2016)
  • #3 Best City for Tech (DataFox, 2016)
  • #1 Fastest Job Growth (Brookings Institution, 2015)
  • #1 Best City to Move to (Simple Moving Labor, 2015)
  • #1 For Volunteering (Corporation for National and Community Service, 2015)
  • #3 For Business and Careers (Forbes, 2014)
  • #1 Best Well-Being, (Gallup, 2014)

Campaign for Congress

May 2017 - After a lot of thought, John Curtis announces his candidacy for the special election in the Third Congressional District following the resignation of Jason Chaffetz. He ultimately decides to run in order to take the success that Provo has seen to the rest of Utah and Washington, D.C.

July 2017 - John Curtis receives the endorsement of Governor Gary Herbert over the other two Republican candidates for the 3rd Congressional District race. He is also named America’s Freedom Festival Grand Marshal in Provo as a thank-you for his impact and service to the city.

August 2017 - Despite nearly a million dollars spent in attack ads by DC Super PACs, John wins the Republican primary. Maintaining a positive campaign, John promises to be a different kind of Congressman and get things done in Washington. He is currently leading the general election with a 30-point margin.

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